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ERCF curated the comprehensive archive: https://www.facebook.com/RomaHiphop

“Hiphop has become an uncompromising prism for critique, social and political analysis and representation of marginalized and underrepresented communities throughout the world.”*

It is now 30 years since its entrance onto the urban landscape and Hiphop continues to be supported, protected and scrutinized by Roma. This is exactly the reason why this initiative aims to present the history of Roma hip-hop in Central and eastern Europe and to point out how after the 1980's Roma literature has taken over the popular genres and as a result Roma hip-hop became the main arena for the fight for equality, for Roma confidence and positive self image.

*quote from>  https://www.facebook.com/RomaHiphop

This program component was supported by the International Visegrad Fund in 2011.

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