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Open Call for Applications: Roma Hiphop Archive, Deadline: February 5, 2012!

With the support of the International Visegrad Fund, in partnership with Romano Hangos (Czech Republic), The Gypsy Internet Radio (Slovakia), and Eastern Initiative Institute (Poland) the European Roma Cultural Foundation-ERCF (www.romacult.org) is pleased to announce an
Open Call for Applications
for Hiphop musicians of Roma origin from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.
We understand Roma Hiphop in a broad sense, including several popular music genres, such as Pop, R&B, Rap, Freestyle etc. Our goal is to focus on the elements of Roma empowerment, Roma pride and contemporary literature in Roma contemporary popular music.“Hiphop has become an uncompromising prism for critique, social and political analysis and representation of marginalized and underrepresented communities throughout the world.”*
It is now 30 years since its entrance onto the urban landscape and Hiphop continues to be supported, protected and scrutinized by the Roma. This is exactly the reason why this initiative aims to present the history of Roma hip-hop and to point out how after the 1980's Roma literature has taken over the popular genres and as a result Roma hip-hop became the main arena for the fight for equality, for Roma confidence and positive self image.
ERCF will curate a web archive: www.romahiphoparchive.org from the applications which will present the video and music files, the texts, and their English translations and an introduction for each group/band/performer.
All applications will be published on the Romahiphoparchive.org website!An international jury will choose the guest bands/performers for the night of the international conference for academics, cultural studies experts, Roma and non-Roma intellectuals and youth to be held on March 9-10 2012, in Budapest. The travel and accommodation expenses and honorarium will be paid to the invited performers.
All applicants are required to send their application
not later than 5 February, 2012 to the following e-mail adress: tjunghaus@romacult.org (Timea Junghaus, curator, European Roma Cultural Foundation) Applications must contain the following information:
-Name of band or performer
-Contact person’s name
-Contact details: name, email, telephone,
-Description of the band/performer (max 3500 characters)
-Music file, video file, photos,
-Useful information: For example link to the applicant artist’s website or preveous works (optional but encouraged)
There is no application form, please apply with a single email not larger than 3,5 MB, including all the attachments.
ERCF’s Roma Hiphop archive wishes to collect all forms of Hiphop material culture including recordings, videos, web sites, films, original papers, works, references, productions, conferences, meetings, interviews, publications, research, formal proceedings, etc.
ERCF welcomes the donations of these materials for the Roma Hiphop Archive (Mailing address: ERCF, 1027-H, Budapest, Frankel Leó út 5.)
European Roma Cultural Foundation, Timea Junghaus, curator, tjunghaus@romacult.org, +36-302490222
*quote from www.hiphoparchive.org/about retrieved on 02.01.2012
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