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ERCF guided Yvonne Ihmels, reporter of the Swedish State Radio and editor of CORA Art Magazine to map the Hungarian Roma art scene.

Yvonne Ihmels met with Norbert Szirmai, journalist, Andras Szentandrasy and Omara contemporary artists on the 16th of December, 2010.

Yvonne Ihmels is the chief editor of the Swedish cultural magazine Cora. She is also a regular freelance coworker at the Swedish Radio Cultural department. Yvonne Ihmels has made programs with Nobel prizewinners in literature, for example Elfriede Jelinek, Herta Müller, Günter Grass and Imre Kertész. She is the maker of many documentaries, amongst them several about the horror of Holocaust, with survivors and the historical aspects of the life today. “The visit in Hungary and the collecting of interviews deals with the Hungarian society in several aspects. One shorter program is based on interviews with the journalist Norbert Szirmai, the artist Andras Szentandrasy and the art historian and curator Tímea Junghaus guided me to important artists such as Omara, who will appear in a feature of 45 minutes together with amongst several the writer Attila Bartis and András Gerevich. Omara will also be portrayed as the artist of the next issue of Cora appearing in March 2011.” (Yvonne Ihmels)

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