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SUBJECTIVE ATLAS OF HUNGARY, ERCF delegated Roma artists to the SUBJECTIVE ATLAS OF HUNGARY project, coordinated by Kitchen Budapest.

The aim was to create the Subjective Atlas of Hungary, similarly to former international editions (Subjective Atlas of Palestine, Subjective Atlas of Serbia, Subjective Atlas of the Netherlands). The Hungarian edition  is following the original concept by Dutch designer, Annelys de Vet, who created the atlas in collaboration with local contributors. Between 22 November and 3 December 2010 we created the Subjective Atlas of Hungary by involving 40 contributors and a young Hungarian graphic designer.

The participants of the 2-weeks workshop were selected after a public call for participation. The atlas represents today’s Hungary from a visual perspective. We looked forward to create a diverse, exciting and visually appealing representation of Hungary, our cultural and national identity. The workshop took place at Kitchen Budapest (www.kitchenbudapest.hu). The Atlas will be edited by contemporary artist Annelys de Vet, and will be published in 2011.

Partners: KÉK, Lumen Galéria, MATT, MOME Line, Placcc, The Room, Trafó, WAMP.
More information: Bujdosó Attila, bujatt@kitchenbudapest.hu, www.kitchenbudapest.hu

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