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MEGAFONE.NET –Roma workshop, ERCF coordinated the Roma workshop for Antoni Abad contemporary artist’s MEGAFONE.NET initiative

ERCF invited young Roma film-makers, curators and artists, Tibor Balogh, Róbert Czibi, Roland Korponovics, József Kővári , Erika Lakatos, Sarolta Péli to participate in Antoni Abad’s mobile podcast/media art project. Since 2003, megafone.net has been inviting groups of people on the fringe of society to express their experiences and opinions through face-to-face meetings and mobile phones.

The phones, which allow participants to create audio recordings and images that are immediately published to the web, act as digital megaphones, amplifying the voices of individuals and groups who are often overlooked or misrepresented in mainstream media. The project is still in the planning phase. The coordinator, Kitchen Budapest is managing the fundraising for the project.

More information: www.megafone.net, www.kitchenbudapest.hu

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