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The Romani Elders

This project honors the Romani Elders who spent a lifetime in Roma activism and aims to ensure that their achievements will never be neglected or forgotten as well as their wisdom will be re-invested in our societies.

Roma Youth / Young talents

Special emphasis in the focus areas is given to young talented Roma.  Emphasis is given to motivate the development of innovative projects and the experimental cross-disciplinary work of young Roma.

Roma intelligentsia

ERCF researches and recycles knowledge about Roma arts and culture, using the methodologies provided by the academic field of cultural studies.

Gallery8 - Roma Contemporary Art Space

Gallery8 was launched by ERCF in february 2013. It is strategically located at Mátyás tér, the center of Budapest's 8th district, the area of the city, which is mostly populated by Roma inhabitants. Gallery8 aims to serve the Roma community: to enable and support the production, presentation and interpretation of Roma artworks. It is an intercultural space, where the experimentation, creation, collaboration, and discussion between Roma and non-Roma takes place and results in new works and solutions for a future in peaceful coexistence. Gallery8 puts emphasis on investing in the capacities of young Roma artists, presenters, managers and entrepreneurs to help them to succeed, to learn, to be accepted positively by broad audiences, to become more knowledgeable and actively engaged in networking and collaboration in Europe and beyond. Gallery 8 aims to motivate the development of innovative projects and experimental cross-disciplinary work of young Roma.  It is the space of new ideas, discourses, and trends in Roma contemporary art. www.gallery8.org



TheRomaniElders.org is a comprehensive website where ERCF presents the life stories, achievements, publications, activities, statements and leadership character of the charismatic personalities of The Romani Elders in Europe. The initiative started in March 2012 with the invitation of five Elders, the founding members.


ERCF curated the comprehensive archive: https://www.facebook.com/RomaHiphop

“Hiphop has become an uncompromising prism for critique, social and political analysis and representation of marginalized and underrepresented communities throughout the world.”*

It is now 30 years since its entrance onto the urban landscape and Hiphop continues to be supported, protected and scrutinized by Roma. This is exactly the reason why this initiative aims to present the history of Roma hip-hop in Central and eastern Europe and to point out how after the 1980's Roma literature has taken over the popular genres and as a result Roma hip-hop became the main arena for the fight for equality, for Roma confidence and positive self image.

*quote from>  https://www.facebook.com/RomaHiphop

This program component was supported by the International Visegrad Fund in 2011.

Cultural Studies Research

The ERCF research concerns the political nature of contemporary culture, as well as its historical foundations, conflicts, and defining traits. The ERCF research concentrates on how a particular medium or message relates to ideology, social class, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, and/or gender.

Roma Holocaust

ERCF conducts research and artistic investigation to explore the Roma Holocaust and carve it into the European collective memory.

ERCF Data Collection

It is a primary objective for ERCF to accumulate and disseminate information about Roma artists, Roma cultural and artistic projects, events and organizations across Europe, and especially in the targeted countries. It aims to develop into a “Roma arts and culture information hub”.

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