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The European Roma Cultural Foundation (ERCF) is an independent non-profit foundation registered on the 2nd of August, 2010, in Budapest, Hungary. The new body operates under an independent budget provided by the founder and the founding director of ERCF. The founder, Ildikó Sárközi is a Hungarian Business woman, with an extensive network in the FMCG sector. The founding director Timea Junghaus, art historian also invests in the ERCF mission. To achieve the organizational development goals and to establish financial stability she used her Kairos-European Cultural Prize to build a Roma contemporary art collection, and to support the administrative costs for the ERCF operation.


The European Roma Cultural Foundation, the operational and fundraising body, exists to strengthen and widely promote the role of Roma arts and culture in the enlarging Europe (and beyond) as a way to fight against negative stereotypes and hostile attitudes towards Roma communities.

It does so by serving as a main information, consulting and resource center for:

  • Accumulating and disseminating information and knowledge of Roma arts, culture projects and initiatives, organizations and talented individuals;
  • Promoting and consulting with talented Roma individuals, cultural projects and initiatives, helping them to become more visible outside Roma communities and to find relevant partners, supporters and audiences.


For a future world of artistic and cultural diversity where Roma arts, culture, history and language are equally valued and respected, and the power of artistic creation and education, especially that of young people, is essential for changing negative stereotypes towards people of Roma origin in the enlarging Europe and beyond.

The main long-term aims of ERCF are:
  • To educate and inform the non-Roma population about Roma arts and culture and to help for creating understanding, tolerance and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma communities;
  • To raise awareness among European institutions, policy-makers and stakeholders about the role of Roma arts and culture and to build up a broad partnership across Europe (and beyond) for support of Roma arts and culture.
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