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It is a primary objective of ERCF to accumulate and disseminate information about Roma artists, Roma cultural and artistic projects, events and organizations across Europe, and especially in the targeted countries.  For becoming a “Roma arts and culture information hub”, ercf aims to:

  • Set up, maintain and develop databases of Roma artists, organizations and projects, as well as those whose professional work engages Roma culture.
  • Inform and educate others about the value and successes of Roma cultural and artistic practices, especially concentrating on less popular, non-traditional art forms where Roma artists and creative individuals are also involved (e.g. fine art, media art, film, animation, poetry, literature, etc.).

It is important to emphasize that information is a powerful tool for familiarization with Roma history and culture by other minority groups and the majority of the population. Our approach could lead to increasing tolerance and understanding, could break down prejudices and stereotypes connected with Roma, of course in a long-term continuous development.

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